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Homeowners Insurance for Paoli, Malvern, Berwyn, and Devon, Pa

As a Homeowners insurance agency located in Paoli, PA, we understand the home insurance needs of Paoli residents and the residents of the surrounding areas of Malvern, Berwyn, and Devon.  It’s our goal to make sure that you have the proper coverage in place to protect your most valuable asset. Whether you live in a suburban colonial, a townhome, or a condo, we can help you find the homeowners insurance policy that is right for you.

We do the Homeowners insurance shopping for you!

Mitros Insurance is an independent insurance agency and can provide home insurance quotes from multiple homeowners insurance companies, to provide you with the best coverage at the best price.

  • Erie Insurance
  • MetLife
  • Grange Insurance
  • Encompass (An Allstate Company)
  • Philadelphia Contributionship
  • Foremost

If you live in the Paoli, Malvern, Berwyn, or Devon area, your needs may differ from other regions and that’s why it is important to work with an agent who is familiar with the needs of your area and understands the endorsements that are important to you.  Due to the ability to offer coverage with numerous companies, we can provide all the endorsements available in the Homeowners insurance industry.

Home Insurance Endorsements that Mitros Insurance can offer:

Guaranteed Replacement Coverage:  The benefit of having guaranteed replacement coverage is the dwelling coverage isn’t capped at a specific amount, since the insurance company is guaranteeing to rebuild your home.  In the event of a loss, if it costs more than the dwelling coverage shown on the policy to rebuild your home, the insurance company will still pay the full amount needed to rebuild your home.

Extended Replacement Coverage:  The Insurance company will provide additional dwelling coverage above the dwelling coverage listed on your policy.  The additional dwelling coverage is typically 50% of the dwelling coverage stated on the declarations page.

Backup of Sewer, Drain, & Sump Pump Coverage:  Provides coverage for damage that is caused by water or sewage which backs up through sewers or drains, which may occur due to a blockage in the sewer line, or for damage that occurs due to water which enters into and overflows from within a sump pump.

Service Line Coverage: A service line means underground piping and wiring that is located on your property and produces a service, such as delivering water or power to the home. It’s the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain and repair the water and sewer lines that go from the utility’s service main connection to your home.  If there is an issue with the water or sewer line, the cost to dig and repair or replace the line is the responsibility of the homeowner.

Building Ordinance or Law: Ordinance or Law coverage provides coverage for building codes upgrades and for other additional cost that may arise from the enforcement of building codes regulating the construction and repair of damaged buildings. Older structures that are damaged may be required by code to upgrade the electrical; heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC); and plumbing units.

Siding & Roofing Restoration: Reimburse the cost to replace undamaged vinyl siding or asphalt shingle, if the same or similar siding or roofing material is no longer available to replace the damaged area. For example, if damage occurred to one section of your roof, and the asphalt shingle that is currently on your roof is no longer available and there isn’t a similar substitute, then the homeowner would have two options. The homeowner could choose to have two different looking shingles on their roof or pay to replace the section of the roof that wasn’t damaged with the same shingle that is being used to replace the area that was damaged. With this endorsement, Erie will pay up to $10,000 to replace undamaged shingle or siding. Coverage does not apply to wooden siding or wooden shingles.

Equipment Breakdown:  This endorsement provides coverage for the perils of mechanical, electrical, and pressure systems breakdown, which are perils that are excluded on standard homeowners insurance policies.  The household items that will be protected by this endorsement include, but is not limited to, Washers & Dryers, Dishwashers, Heating & Air Conditioning Systems, Water Heaters, Televisions, Computers, Sump Pumps, & Electrical Service Panels.

Identity Theft: Covers some of the costs related to identity theft. It reimburses victims for money spent on reclaiming their financial identities and repairing their credit reports. Those costs can range from phone bills to legal help.

There are several ways that you can reduce your Homeowners insurance premium and still receive the coverage you need:


Choosing a higher deductible is an easy and cost-effective way to lower your homeowners insurance premium. In many cases, the premium savings realized by raising your deductible may be enough to offset the cost difference of an increased deductible in just a few years.


  • Multi-Policy: By insuring your auto and home with our agency, you will receive a discount on your auto & homeowners insurance policies.
  • Central Monitored Alarm System: By installing a Central Monitored Burglar and/or Fire Alarm system, you will receive a discount on your homeowners insurance policy
  • Sprinkler System: By installing a Sprinkler System, you will receive a discount on your homeowners insurance policy
  • Claims Free: If you haven’t made a homeowners insurance claim within the last 5 years, you will receive a discount for being “Claims Free”.
  • Advance Quote Discount: Receive a homeowners insurance quote, at least 7 days in advance of the requested effective date to receive the “Advance Quote” discount.

Mitros Insurance for Homeowners Insurance in Paoli, PA serves Malvern, Devon, and Berwyn, PA