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Underground Service Line Coverage can Now be added to the Homeowners Policy

Underground Service Line Coverage - Can Now be Added to your Homeowners Policy: As a home owner, it's your responsibility to maintain and repair the exterior water and sewer lines that are located on your property, from the utility service connection to your home.  If the exterior water or sewer line fails, the cost to locate and repair the leak or replace the line will most... Read Article

Backup of Sewer, Drain, & Sump Pump Endorsement

The Backup of Sewer, Drain, & Sump Pump endorsement is a coverage that can be added to your Homeowners Insurance policy, Landlord Policy, or a Commercial policy.  With this endorsement added to your Homeowners insurance policy, you will now have coverage for events that would have otherwise been excluded.  Let's first look at the definition, to better understand the coverage this endorsement provides. Definition: Provides coverage... Read Article