We know you probably have questions regarding insurance for yourself & your loved ones! 

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  FAQ's for General Insurance Questions

What can I do to save money on my Auto Insurance?
Will I be covered if a friend drives my car?
Will my insurance cover me if I drive my friend’s vehicle?
If my neighbor’s tree falls onto my house will my neighbor’s insurance provide coverage for my home?
Should I purchase insurance from a rental car company when I rent a car?
Does my homeowner’s policy cover flood or ground water?
Is the coverage on my home adequate?
How much will raising my homeowner’s deductible lower my premium?
Do I have or need special coverage for jewelry, firearms, and furs?
Do I have enough Liability Coverage?
Would my financial assets be better protected by purchasing an umbrella policy?
Do I have enough Life Insurance?
Will my auto policy provide coverage if I rent a U-Haul?
When I’m moving, will my personal property be covered while it’s being transported to my new home in the moving trucks?
Does my National Flood policy cover mold or mildew?
When should my child be on their own Auto Policy?
I’m buying a car. Do I have coverage?
My son lives with me and has a driver’s, but he never drives my car. Do I have to add him to my auto insurance policy?
Will your homeowners insurance cover a college student’s personal property
Will a student living on or off campus be covered by parents homeowners policy
Is there a discount on Auto Insurance if a student is away at college
Should I have Life Insurance on my child if there are student loans
When should I contact my insurance agent?


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